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Low Cost Kapon for your Pets!
Help us create a world where every tail wags and every purr is heard! Spaying and neutering are acts of love that ensure a brighter, healthier future for our furry friends.
​Affordable and Top Veterinary Clinic in the Philippines!
Importance of Kapon for your Pets
Health Benefits
  • Reduces the risk of certain illnesses.
  • Promotes a longer and happier life.
Control Overpopulation
  • Prevents overpopulation of pets.
  • Ensures a better quality of life for all.
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Important Reminders:
  • Please fill out the form with your complete details, our staff will contact you using the phone number provided.
  • Be informed that this is a first-come first-served promo. We will only be accepting limited number of pets.
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